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ORTHOTICS now offered at PurEnvi Eco-Spa

PurEnvi has teamed up with Laura Mazier of Sole Train.
Laura will be here at PurEnvi starting in July on Monday afternoons starting at 2:30.
If you’d like to set up an appointment for a Pedorthic Assessment please feel call or email us to book a time!

Sole Train handcrafts your custom orthotics with care, pride, and love too! All the steps, from casting your foot, to shaping the orthotic, to applying the comfortable fabrics and covers, are performed by hand in their lab.

With the information gathered from your initial assessment, they will know exactly how to tailor each orthotic to your feet and footwear. They can even create innovative orthotic designs when necessary! This way, you get optimal results to keep you moving with ease, support, and comfort!

The steps they follow:

  1. They perform our detailed pedorthic assessment and cast your feet (45-60 minutes)

  2. They craft your orthotics in our in-house lab

  3. They meet with you again with the finished orthotics to make sure they’re comfortable, and fit in your footwear! (15-30 minutes)

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