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PurEnvi's Story

PurEnvi Eco-Spa’s mission is to provide the highest quality spa services and exceptional care using the safest and healthiest products and services for its clients, its employees, and to the environment.


The owner and founder, Anna, is a certified esthetician who has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. She originally started out in the hair industry but had to switch her focus to esthetics because of severe allergies to the products used for colour and perms.

It was because of her sensitivities to many beauty products Anna started to research what was in these products that was causing this reaction. She discovered that most of the products contained toxins and carcinogens. This lead her to try and find products that not only could she use but so could others with sensitivities like her.

The more she researched she realized that the products that were safe for her to use, would be safer and healthier for everyone to use. And, they were better for the environment. This was extremely important to Anna as being environmentally friendly is her way of life. This is when the PurEnvi concept was born — The PURely ENVIronmental Choice.

Anna was on a mission to find the safest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly products available. Using organic products has always been a desire of Anna's.

Unfortunately, her research showed that some organic products still contained some of the same questionable ingredients found in non-organic products. With her priority of safety first, followed closely by being organic and effective to use, Anna found products that she was comfortable using. Then came the sniff test!

Clients have noticed that PurEnvi does not smell like other spas. That is because, only naturally scented products, as well as products and treatments that did not have any residual chemical smell are used. This helps create a healthy environment for customers and the PurEnvi team.

Today, the team at PurEnvi, continuously researches ingredient lists to find products that do not contain any of the undesired ingredients, are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly. They are always looking for new treatments or services that also meet their criteria.



  • We care; client's, team member's and the environment's well-being are at the centre of everything we do.

  • We are socially responsible; we believe in giving back to our families, our community and the environment as a whole.

  • We are conscientious; we always conduct ourselves in an honest, caring, respectful and transparent way.

  • We are passionate; we embrace our passion and by doing so we can enrich the lives of others.

  • We are respectful; respect helps us value differences, to appreciate each other for their unique qualities, ideas and opinions.

  • We embrace change and the opportunities it creates: we encourage innovative thinking and always seek to improve.

  • We foster an environment conducive to personal growth and development and to new opportunities.

  • We value innovation, hard work, achievement and fun.


  • We use refillable cleaners, soaps and laundry products

  • Our sanitizers and high-level disinfectants are biodegradable

  • When designing the spa, recycled and environmentally friendly products materials were incorporated into the design concept

  • We use dryer balls instead of fabric sheets, for static control of laundry

  • We utilize recycling programs through the City of Ottawa, and are working to become a zero-waste facility

  • We use energy efficient lighting everywhere possible


“Spending time at Purenvi is worth every second on account of the incredibly relaxed and professional atmosphere. Leaving is the hardest thing to do!”

Crystal Sissons

“Anna has been my esthetician for over 20 years. There are many reasons for this: her work is excellent; she uses first-rate, health-conscious and environmentally-friendly products; she exceeds the City’s health regulations; and she is very pleasant to chat with.”


“I have been a long-time client of Anna’s. She was recommended to me by a trusted friend. Anna is a true professional — when it comes to her work anything less than perfect is not good enough for her! She does amazing work in a very eco-friendly and spotlessly clean studio. I would recommend her to everyone.”

Donna Kricorissian

“I value and appreciate Anna’s abilities in all forms of esthetics, her kindnesses and genuine interest in my well-being.”

Eileen C

“Have been with Anna for several years. Her spa is spotless, her attention is professional. She has a gentle touch. I look forward to my time at Anna’s as a respite from hectic day to day life.”


“Anna has been my esthetician for a considerable number of years. In all that time she has been consistently caring, pleasant and most professional. I’ve always been very satisfied and impressed with her innovative and up-to-date techniques while keeping an emphasis on environmentally friendly products for use in her Spa. I regularly recommend her Spa to friends and colleagues.”


Wow! What a fantastic day! My sister and I just spent 5 hours at PurEnvi eco-spa and we Look and Feel Fabulous!! THANK YOU to Anastasia and Malak for lifting our sprits and creating the best versions of ourselves - you are such gifted and lovely ladies! We look and feel fabulous! Our appreciation also goes to Anna and Carl (spa owners) for your special attention! The beverage selection and snack was a marvelous addition! You truly care about your clients - amazing! Your spa atmosphere and products are wonderfully unique.....a true reflection of your core values! You've created a GEM of a place - Love It! These sista's will definitely be back - See You There!!


I want to thank Malak for doing such a great job on my hair and i love the colour. She actually heard everything I said about my concerns with my hair. Also , she has empathy and cares about her clients. Thanks again, Malak.


Starr, “Thank You” You made my day!  I've been feeling a little down the past few months with unforeseen family hiccups, home bound because of weather & a lot of ‘bad hair days’!! After today I feel good!  Most of all you taught me to realize “it could be worse” 😉 . Let your girls know you made someone really feel good today & you only spent less than 2 hours with me.



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