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Read Anna's personal journey to understand why you deserve the best
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Nelly De Vuyst

  • Nelly De Vuyst® is a premium skin care brand with a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective, anti-aging and corrective skin care lines on the market that is compatible with all medical aesthetic practices.
  • Dedicated to the Health and Beauty of the skin, Nelly De Vuyst® products are exclusively offered through spas and medical spas.
Skinvacious logo e


  • The treatment revitalizes your skin in a completely holistic way
  • The roller increases microcirculation, boosts oxygenation, and harnesses the power of the body’s natural biology to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.
  • The treatment allows vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients within the skincare products to permeate into the epidermis and/or dermis
  • The products feed and nourish the skin to improve the overall health of the skin
Luzern logo e

“Transforming the world of beauty for the better.”

  • sets a new standard in the quality of skincare
  • nutrient-rich formulas contain standardized Swiss actives and high-levels of cosmeceuticals for superior results.
  • Clean | Cold Formulated™ techniques ensure optimum ingredient potency and
  • free from the use of additives, irritants, and toxins
  • delivers on promise for better, purer skin care products and healthier, more beautiful skin”.
Mary cohr logo e

Mary Cohr Treatments

  • goes to the heart of nature to obtain the best for women's beauty
  • selected the best plants, for their active ingredients  
  • ingredients are incorporated into our products at optimal concentrations
  • one of the first beauty salon brand to create beauty treatments that are as natural as possible
  • GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free
  • with skin-compatible scents which allow your skin to obtain nourishment from the best and the most active of the secrets held within plants
Nugenesis logo

NuGenesis Nails dipping powder

  • Light-weight & flexible
  • Odor-free, non-toxic, and no primers required
  • Air dry, no UV or LED lamps required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Vitamin E and calcium fortified
  • Easy soak off
  • Organic process
Calura logo e


  • Ammonia and PPD free
  • Utilizes exothermic technology
  • uses pure organic essences and keratin
  • allows for superior shine and conditioning,
  • superior scalp comfort
  • a more pleasant fragrance and better air quality resulting in an all around positive client experience
  • a healthier salon environment
Bcl logo e


  • make the highest quality spa products possible
  • use Certified Organic Ingredients that promote unique spa experiences and powerful skin results.
  • the maker of the #1 selling sugar scrub in the industry
  • first in the industry to introduce a wax-free gel lotion and innovative rice scrub.
  • formulas free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and harsh preservatives
  • fruit and botanicals are hand picked, and are sustainably sourced and Certified by Stellar Certification Services.
My amazing hair secrets logo e

My Fabulous

  • 100% vegan, dye-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, preservative-free and gluten-free
Allpresan logo e


  • innovation of foam-creams, they have set in motion a profound rethinking of the care and treatment of medical and cosmetic skin problems.
  • unique patented formula absorbs into the skin faster than conventional creams and ointments
  • special needs driven products for many skin conditions, particularly specialty products for diabetics, as dry skin in diabetics can lead to foot complications such as diabetic ulcer
  • products that repair and care of individual foot problems: from dry skin, sweaty feet, to foot fungus
Thuya logo e


  • a cleaner, healthier tint solution
  • fruit-based solution
  • free from coal tar dye
Malibuc logo


  • Customized wellness hair care remedies that target specific hair care needs
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, preservative and fragrances,
  • formulation contain freshly activated vitamins, Phyto-nutrients and key botanicals
Biolage raw logo e


  • Kind to you and the environment
  • Professional, natural origin hair care
  • Ingredients are, obtained in eco-friendly way - right from the source to formulation
  • Packaging is made up of post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Biodegradable
Ag hair logo e

AG Hair Care

  • Plant based
  • Naturally derived ingredients and fragrances
  • Contains essential oils
  • Vegan friendly
  • Great for color treated hair
  • Biodegradable
Loma logo e

Loma Hair Care: “Naturally Inspired, Organically Infused Hair Care”

  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel-based products
  • High-performing
  • Naturally healing, organic ingredients
  • Essential oil based fragrances
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
Artistic logo e

Artistic – Gel Polish and Polish

  • 5 Free: Contains no Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin
  • Makers of long wear polishes, soak off gel polishes, dips and traditional LED gels
  • All their products have little too no odour
Terra logo e

Terra20 - ecobar laundry

  • All our cleaners, laundry soaps, fabric softeners all come from Terra20’s eco bar
  • This means we use, and reuse their refillable containers every time, allowing us to reduce our plastic consumption
  • There are natural, safe, and are fragranced with natural essential oils
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