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Operating under the Ontario Re-Opening Plan – Step 2

January 5, 2022

Open, with capacity and service restrictions    

Ontario is sliding back to a modified Step 2 of the Ontario re-opening plan beginning January 5th.  They hope the Province will be able to return back to the 3rd step in its re-opening plan by end of January.  We are limited to 50% capacity which is 13 people; Team members and clients included.  Because we never fully opened, and choose to instead remain at 50% capacity, our schedules will not change much.  However, we are not able to perform services that require the removal of facemasks.    We shall rebook everyone into February for those type of services (facials, upper lip wax etc). 

The Spa continues to take everyone’s temperature, still collecting a high level of contact tracing information, and are still required to ask you the health questionnaire.  Please read on for more detailed information.

Our Safety Protocols

Given that there are constant variants of concern developing, we will need to continue to be more diligent in following and enforcing the following guidelines.  They are listed below as a reminder.  Please remember, these policies and protocols are mandated by Municipal and Provincial officials.  Please have patience, especially with the contract tracing information and health questionnaire we must do and review with you each and every time.  We realize the questions we ask you before each and every appointment is tiring…but imagine having to ask these same questions every day, 10-20 times a day.  We get it!  So bear with us please.

What our establishment is doing for your safety

  • We have studied the provincial guidelines and have ensured that not only do we meet the standards, but will always try to exceeded them wherever we can to enhance the safety of our clientele, and our team members, while delivering a relaxing and pleasurable visit at our establishment.
  • We do a full sanitization routine of the workstation, product bottles used during the appointment, furniture, tools and implements between each client to ensure that safety of each and every one of us.
  • We have installed signage to remind everyone of the new rules and safety standards.
  • We will ask each worker and each client to answer the Safe Visit Protocol Questionnaire; every day for our workers, and at every visit for clients.
  • Each Team member performs a self-check COVID rapid-test, currently at the beginning of every shift.
  • Each worker will only service one client at a time; please note that clients must come alone (exceptions will be made for those requiring assistance or youth.
    • For those requiring assistance, they may be assisted in, but their family member may be required to go back to wait in their car
    • For those coming with youth, parents should wait in the car, or for toddlers, allow the technician to maintain space that allows for 6 feet of distancing as much as possible
  • Please arrive at your appointment timely (no more than 5 minutes early)
    • Also note that depending on capacity, we may have the door locked, and you will need to wait outside.
    • Please do not call when you arrive, as we do not have a dedicated employee monitoring calls
  • Our coat check will be unavailable; please leave personal items in your vehicle, or bring a large shopping bag where you can deposit all your belongings and keep them safe from contact with other guests’ clothing.
  • Upon arrival, please use hand disinfecting gel, and we would ask that you wear a mask for the duration of your visit. (if you don’t have a mask; we will supply you with one).
  • Also note that we will be refraining from serving refreshments; and that all magazines and shared items have been temporarily removed for your safety.
We have taken the following measures
  • We have installed sneeze guards at the reception desk and at the manicure stations.
  • We have hand disinfecting gel at the reception desk and at every station, and hand soap at all our hand-washing stations and in the restrooms with single-use cloth towels.
  • Spaced out the workstations by eliminating one out of every two positions
  • Our team will be wearing protective eye-wear, face shields and masks ALL DAY, and may wear gloves and disposable aprons for some services.
  • Fresh, laundered linens will be used for each guest – this includes towels, sheets, capes, smocks, and wraps. They will be placed into a laundry bin after each client.
  • The Province has asked us to limit our capacity of people to a level that will ensure a minimum of 6 feet between stations
    • We have decided to have a maximum of 3 stylists working 12 feet apart, and three estheticians using a mix of 6 different stations, but always working at least 6 feet apart
  • For your protection and relaxation; we ask that hair wash stations be conversation free.
  • Note that we will wash every client’s hair before your haircut without exception.  
  • Our retail area is fully operational, but please ask for assistance; our team will prepare your retail order for you and have it ready for pick-up as you leave our premises.
  • Note that we have portable payment units, which eliminates a line up or crowding at the front desk.

We shall continuously monitor and assess the needs of the business and the health of all and will update our protocols to adjust to any changing situations

Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty. With virtual hugs;

Anna, Carl and the whole of the PurEnvi Team

Operating under the Ontario Re-Opening Plan – Step 2

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  1. Hi Anna and Carl. Happy New Year! Thought I would enquire on the possibility of booking a pedi and possibly brows sometime. Hope you’re both super healthy and happy! (Kath)

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