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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Fall Updates, New services, Pop-Ups and Promotions!!!

Farewell Autumn Page 001

❄ Welcoming in the Winter Months! ❄

We sure have had a fabulous fall so far! We here at PurEnvi definitely have had no complaints. This last week or so, we have absolutely felt the shift in the season. Much cooler mornings, earlier sunsets, frost on our windshields… the transition from fall to winter is unmistakably here!

As we transition from the warmer sunny days to the cooler months, this is a wonderful time to introduce some deep cleansing/peel-type of facials! We also have some new cozy, comforting treatments and offers for our PurEnvi’ers!

Facial packages, energy treatments, a couple of Christmas Pop-Ups…read on about what you have to look forward to, to close-out 2021!

Virtual hugs from The PurEnvi Team


New Service Provider and Treatments!

The PurEnvi Team would like to welcome Trish!

Trish will be providing 2 different services at PurEnvi on Mondays; Energy Healing similar to Reiki and Reflexology. The PurEnvi Team feels these treatments are a great compliment to the healthier treatments and services we already provide. We are also able to open up some Tuesdays too if Mondays do not work with your schedule. You can book with her online, or feel free to call or email us if you were looking for a specific time or day.

Each treatment is approximately an hour long, and is $75. If you have any specific questions on the treatments that she provides, please feel free to contact Trish at [email protected]
Trish is a retired registered nurse, wife and mom of 2 teen girls, and has a passion for helping others. In her spare time, she enjoys working with Stained Glass Art, loves to garden and spend time hiking and kayaking with friends and family. She combines her skills in reflexology and energy work to help facilitate others’ wellness journeys.


End-of-Fall Specials 

Now that the cooler weather has arrived, and we are entering into shorter daylight hours, we wanted to share a few Pick-Me-Up ideas to help brighten your mood, and skin! We love to pamper you…body and soul, so take advantage of these treatment ideas, and indulge yourself.

These special prices listed below, are available until Dec 31s!

Energy Treatments by Trish

Reflexology 1920

If you’ve never had any of these types of treatments before, do consider it! Book a Reflexology Treatment with Trish for a great introductory price of $55! 

Gel-Ohh Pedicure!

Gel Ohh Sdding Step 2

When booking your next pedicure, ask for the addition of one of our 6 scents of the Gel-Ohh minerals for only $15!

These super fun products will turn your pedicure bath into a luxurious beach-like experience!

BioMedical / AHA Treatments

In the late fall once we are no longer exposed to the sun’s summer rays, is when it is the perfect time of year to consider a series of deep active/exfoliating facials! When performed as a series of 4 to 6 sessions, our Salicylic Acid or AHA Peel facials can help with pigmentation, acne/acne scarring, fine lines, as well as skin that just looks and feels dull.

Ndv Plus Extra 1

A quick but effective treatment!
Book one of these peel treatments, for only $95
(Regularly $125)


  • Purchase a package of 4 and get 50% off your 4th treatment    $435
  • Purchase a package of 6 and receive your 6th treatment free!    $625
CatioVital-Lift Treatments

Ever wanted to try a firming treatment that isn’t invasive? This toning facial is like a gym workout for your facial muscles!  At the end of each treatment, the skin appears visibly younger-looking, supple and firm, and the effects are cumulative when booking multiple sessions.

Screenshot 20211114 211842 Chrome
Never tried one of these treatments? Book one to try it out for yourself for only $125   (Regularly $155).


  • Purchase a package of 4 treatments, and receive 1 complimentary deep cleansing and ionization add-on    $400
  • Purchase a package of 6, and receive 2 complimentary deep cleansing and ionization add-on    $600

🎄 Christmas Pop-Up! 🎅

Pampering kits, cookies, and pies, oh my!
Sugar Tarts Bakery and PurEnvi are teaming up for 2 Christmas Pop-Ups!!

Sugar Tarts 2 In 1 Page 001Sugar Tarts Christmas menu is ready, and she is taking PRE ORDERs for your goodies!

Orders must be in by NOVEMBER 28th! Contact Starr at [email protected] to place your order! There will be the usual, cookies, bars/squares, loaves, scones, butter tarts, sugar cookies, pies, truffles, bark, skor bites… Plus some scrumptious PLATTERS and MIXED COMBO BOXES!

Whether your enjoying the holidays with friends and/or family, Sugar Tarts has you covered!

Kit Collage Page 001

Worried about the supply and demand situation this year?  Why not give the gift of an experience for your loved ones?

PurEnvi has been busy creating lots of grab and go gift ideas.  Everything from stocking stuffers, simple nourishing treatments, or more luxury skin care or foot care experiences for under the tree!

$82 – $100 Facial Kits                                          $25-30 Hair and Manicure Nourishing Kits        $27-44  Spa Pedicure Kits                                  $5-16  Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Better yet, buy double of something, so you and a friend and/or loved one can both enjoy a pampering experience, and give the gift of time well spent together!

Starr and Anna are really looking forward to hosting these 2 Fun Pop Ups together!
Pop on over to check out what we have prepared to make this holiday season a little extra special, and start checking off your lists TODAY!

COVID Protocols will be in place, masks and safe distancing will be enforced.
You Tarts and PurEnvi’ers know the drill!

Pre-Order your Nelly De Vuyst Holiday Kits!

The Nelly De Vuyst Holiday Kits are back! We will be ordering a very limited number of these super fun kits, so email us asap to place one on hold for yourself! Pick-up will be after November 27th. There are four great specials to choose from.

Ndv Biotense Just Pic BioTense   $233

  • pH Toner
  • Cream BioTense
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Circulift Eye Contour Patches
  • FREE Headband

Ndv Biomed Just Pic

BioAcne    $158

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Purifying Gel (Moisturizer)
  • Serum BioAcne
  • Mask
  • FREE Headband

Ndv Sensitive Just PicSensitive Skin   $249

  • Sensitive Skin Toner
  • Exfoliating Gel Sensitive Skin
  • BioCalm Sensitive Skin Cream
  • Foaming Wash Sensitive Skin
  • FREE Headband

Ndv Tinted Sunscreen Just PicAgeless Perfection    $128

  • Colorlift Biosolar Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 (tone:1 or 2)
  • Vitalift-C Ha Serum
  • FREE Softnet Cleansing Cream

The company is launching their new Tinted Sunscreens! If you are interested in this product, buying one of the Ageless Perfection kits is the perfect time to do so! The choices in the tints are #1 light to medium skin tones or #2 Medium to darker tones.  Please specify which tone you are looking for when requesting this kit.

    A Note from Carl & Anna

Carl and I cannot believe that we are only weeks away from giving 2021 a send-off! It feels like the year has flown by. But, considering the weeks we were shutdown, the time spent on creating our online store, and the repairs that were needed after the flood, I guess its no wonder we feel that we blinked, and missed a bunch of time.

Seeing how we were shut-down during the 2nd and 3rd year anniversary of PurEnvi opening it’s doors, we really hope lockdowns are done with, and spring comes with being able to celebrate our 4th one with you all in 2022.

Many of you have checked in with Carl and I to see how we’ve fared through this very long pandemic. And, we are doing alright. As a relatively new business, we consider that a win! We really do appreciate the care and concern you’ve shown us and the PurEnvi Team.

So, as we head into a busy holiday season, we hope you all know how much you are appreciated and valued in return.

Stay Safe, Be Well, & Be Happy!
Anna & Carl

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