Thank you all for your love and support

It is with a very heavy heart that Carl & I (Anna), are sharing with you sad news. After 5 years of some of the worst things a business can experience, we have decided to close our doors.  I always said that if I and the business survived 2 floods, a pandemic, blood clots, a fractured back, and shoulder surgery (with more surgeries to come), that the spa and I would make it.

That being said, with the difficulty of finding loyal, kind staff, and some staff going through some major life changes (babies etc), it was time to shut down this longtime dream of a safe, friendly and caring spa.

Carl and I are humbled by the wonderful supportive clients that have graced our doorway. We did not let anyone know about this decision, because we know how fabulously supportive our PurEnvi’ers are. No amount of fundraising would have changed my mind. Being a kind and supportive boss does not allow for a successful business in the hair world.

My emotional and physical health must now be my priority. As much as I will miss you all so very much, I do hope that you have been able to find confidence in the estheticians who have been looking after your personal care needs.

Please allow our staff a couple of weeks to settle in where they have all decided to go to. It makes my soul happy to know that they will continue working together. This core group of women have made everything worth it – everything happens for a reason!

They all have access to your current appointment bookings and contact information. They should be able to keep your bookings as is. Please have patience while they sort through this move.

With all my love, and deepest respect,

Anna & Carl


p.s. I’ve included everyone’s contact information below

p.p.s. Even though Guneet will be going on maternity leave, she may still be able to do a client here and there, but more importantly, she wants to keep in touch!


The late – but great – PurEnvi Team: