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Pregnancy and the Spa: Helpful tips for a safe and enjoyable visit

Craving some pampering during your pregnancy? Why not indulge yourself? Lots of mothers-to-be are wary of going to the spa when pregnant. Are they safe? Yes, they can be, if you take some precautions.

Taking some precautions before you book your salon appointment is recommended to avoid any preventable complications. This way you can stay protected, feel pampered, and keep your baby safe. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a spa or salon:

1.   If possible, visit the salon beforehand to inspect their hygiene methods, tools, and practices.

2.  Choose a salon that does not have that spa smell. Make sure the salon has good ventilation to prevent
unnecessary exposure to fumes and chemicals. Always use the sniff test: if you catch any whiff of
chemically fumes when you open the door to the spa or salon, you can choose to go somewhere else where you
can feel better and safer.

3.  Book an appointment only at a licensed salon with a good health inspection record.

4.  Try booking an early morning appointment, or book on a quieter day for the spa, to reduce exposure to
infections and bacteria from other salon visitors.

5.  Ensure that the tools being used on you are properly disinfected or sterilized thoroughly using either a
liquid chemo-sterilant or in an autoclave sterilizer. Alternately, you can bring your own files and nail

6.  Make sure to ask what products are being used on you and ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in the
products. You want to stay away from products that contain unwanted chemicals, toxins and carcinogens. Look for products that are labeled “Number”–Free. This means that it is free of the top “number” of harmful

7.   If you have any cuts on your skin avoid going to the salon to prevent infections.

8.  Do not shave your legs for at least two days before getting a pedicure. Shaving your legs before visiting a
nail salon sounds like the thing to do. But shaving with a razor causes tiny micro-wounds on your skin.
Although invisible to the naked eye, these nicks can attract bacteria and infection when you get a

9.   Insist that you technician wear gloves. And make sure they wash their hands.

10. Ask the technician to not cut or trim your cuticles – only allow them to gently push them back. Your
cuticles prevent bacteria from entering your body and infecting the fingers and the nail area.

11. Although there is no evidence that massage can cause labour, you may want to ask your pedicurist to avoid
stimulating any pressure points during the massage or avoid massages altogether.

12. You should always consult your doctor regarding when it is okay to enjoy specific spa services.

Pampering yourself during pregnancy can feel great and rightly so, if you take some precautions. Choosing your products, salon, and procedures with care you can enjoy a blissful salon treatment, while you and your baby stays protected.

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