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Ag hair care coco nut milk conditioning spray
AG COCO Conditioning Spray



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AG COCO Conditioning Spray


Lightweight Conditioning Spray to help detangle, strengthen and hydrate hair.

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Formulated with over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients, lightweight Coco nourishes hair like a super food smoothie. Coconut oil, coconut fruit extract, macadamia extract and mango seed butter help detangle, strengthen and hydrate, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable. The silicone-free formula is ideal for medium to thick hair types or those prone to knots.

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Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 in



Vegan-friendly, silicone-free, formulated with up to 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients and featuring superfood ingredients, and essential oil-based fragrances.
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