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Nelly Devuyst Micellar Foam Bottle And Box Biotense
Nelly De Vuyst BioTense Micellar Foam



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Nelly De Vuyst BioTense Micellar Foam


Perfect alternative to the ?cleansing milk + toner? duo.

In stock

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The BioTense Micellar Foam is deal for people on-the-go looking for efficiency and simplicity in their skin care routine. Composed of micelles, this dual solution effectively cleanses and easily removes excessive sebum, make-up and pollution while respecting the skin’s physiological pH. Can be used for make-up removal and is gentle enough for use with eyelash extension

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Weight 8.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3.25 × 7.5 in


Nelly De Vuyst

BIO/ORGANIC Bio/Tense offers 100% organic anti-ageing skin care products that help lift and brighten mature and devitalized skin.
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