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Sugaring is now offered at PurEnvi!

As a Special Promotion, we are offering Bikini, Brazilian, or Underarm hair removal at 50% OFF the regular price when you book with Shafaque for the rest of June!


  Basic Bikini   $20   ($40 reg)

  Brazilian         $35   ($70 reg)

      UnderArm    $17.50   ($35 reg)


Did You Know…


Sugaring has many benefits.   While we don’t know for sure when this technique for hair removal was invented, we do know it has been around since the middle ages.   It is known for many different benefits:

  • It is natural! There are only 3 ingredients – water, sugar and lemon, therefore it causes less reactions
  • It is generally safe for all skin types – even some of the most sensitive skins
  • It reduces hair breakage, since the hair is pulled in the direction of the hair growth
  • It greatly reduces ingrowns – up to 90%
  • Over time it can lead to more permanent reduction in hair growth with regular appointments


The skin feels also great afterwards, with little to no irritation that standard waxing can leave.  This is due to the fact that it only exfoliates dead skin cells – never removing any live skin cells. 

For this reason, you can go over and over the same section with no damage or irritation to the skin.


Call 613-715-9503, or email soon to book!

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