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Why we chose to be an Eco Spa

Being environmentally conscientious has always been a part of who we are. Growing up we learned to do all the little things we could do to help. We did not fully understand the importance at that time, but we knew that somehow, we were doing our part. Over time it just became a way of life.

It wasn’t until we were working, that I fully understood the importance of doing what we can. I began my working career in the hair industry, and experienced severe allergies to the products used for colour and perms. Because of this I switched to esthetics. Although the switch helped, I still encountered issues with products. I had a choice, get out of the industry altogether, or figure out what was causing my health issues. That was over 20 years ago.

When I started researching, I learned that it was the toxins and carcinogens in these products that were causing my reactions. I also found products without these ingredients were safer and healthier to use and were better for the environment. I used these products without any of the sensitivities I had encountered before. This is when the PurEnvi concept was born — The PURely ENVIronmental Choice.

When it came time to open our spa it was a no brainer to be an Eco-Spa. We wanted a safe sanctuary for our clients, a healthier workplace for our employees and wanted it to reflect our commitment to being environmentally friendly. Below are a few of the things we are doing:

  • When designing the spa, recycled and environmentally friendly products and materials were used
  • We recycle and compost everything we possible can, and are working to become a zero-waste facility
  • Our sanitizers and high-level disinfectants are biodegradable
  • We only use products that do not contain unwanted chemicals, toxins and carcinogens, nor do we use products that have small molecular weights – which could be absorbed through the skin and eventually settle into organs
  • We made sure to search out products that are vegan and cruelty free
  • We even make sure our organic and natural products do not contain any of the unwanted ingredients
  • Only naturally scented products are used
  • We do not use any products or treatments that have a residual chemical smell
  • We are continually looking for safer and healthier products and treatments to use

Besides the environment impact these are having, they have also made a noticeable difference to our clients and employees:

  • What Smell? Clients mention they love the fact that our spa does not have that typical chemical smell when they walk in the door — even clients having a colouring have noticed that it smells different — there is none. This means no one is inhaling any residual chemicals.
  • Feel the difference. Clients have noticed that the products and treatments “feel” different — it feels soothing.
  • Employee’s health. Our employees mention that they feel less nauseated and itchy since they have begun working with us. Not having to work with all those unwanted chemicals has made a difference in the health of everyone working here.

We did not choose to be an Eco Spa… it is who we are. For us as owners — giving both clients and employees a healthier and safer environment is a significant and proud accomplishment. It drives us to continue to improve upon each and every day.

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